Britalia Collection ®

Martin Freeman’s “Britalia Collection” features a unique blend of Italian light-weight, breathable fabrics with an “Anglo” silhouette. Everything in our collection is made for comfort and style, in tones which allow for wardrobe additions to blend with future purchases.

We have utilized the British hallmarks of a functional, comfortable “Anglo” silhouette, and complemented them with the stand-out attributes of colorful individuality within the Italian tradition. Our blend of these two time-honored traditions brings you a collection of unique clothing with a tasteful style that is perfect for the Florida climate, and always tailored to your specifications.

All of our suits,  sport coats and  dress trousers are tailored with our trademark “Britalia” tradition-light-weight, breathable fabrics from around the world and a soft “Anglo” silhouette.


“Dress Shirts and Neckwear”

All of our shirts are tailored from natural fabrics from the finest European mills and include collar styles from button-down to full cutaway. All natural silk and silk blend ties and ascots are also cut from fabrics from the finest European mills to be compatible with our shirts and clothing.


Complimentary styled sportswear cut and sewn shirts, knit shirts, sport trousers, hosiery and jeans are all traditionally cut with the reflection of the Martin Freeman style and “kick”


Our cufflinks, pocket squares, leather goods and “estate jewelry” collections are accouterments to fine dress in a style that reflects each customer’s individuality.