Our  Clothing Reflects Our Philosophy

Martin Freeman was created in 2011 by co-owners Nelson Martin and Harold Freeman in order to provide a much needed fine men’s clothing store to the Sarasota area. Martin, a retired executive began his career in the fine men’s clothing business, and Freeman is a career custom clothier and the former manager of the Sarasota Maus & Hoffman store. As seasoned custom clothiers, the owners of Martin Freeman have quickly made their fine men’s clothing store recognized for its exemplary personal service, “Gentlemen’s Club” atmosphere, and distinguished clothing style.

In our first year of operation we were included in the the top 100 retail stores in the Sarasota area and have since been recognized annually as “The Best” of Sarasota – Mens Clothing Store.

Our classically designed clothing style is a Continuum, not a passing fashion statement.

We provide clothing for the “discerning gentleman,” catered to your individual style, taste, and body type. Instead of attempting to give you “fashionable” men’s clothing without regard to your individuality, we offer classic clothing and expert guidance in customizing a style that is perfect for you.

In as much as we are a Gulf Coast-based emporium, the Britalia collection reflects the consideration of our climate, with premium breathable fabrics hand tailored to give and hold shape. Martin Freeman presents tasteful, well-made clothing designed to last and blend with future purchases. The consistency of our theme epitomizes genuine style.